Currently v1.0


            12 Pre-designed Homepages

            Initial release comes with 12 pre-designed Homepages (Landing pages) that target various business niches. More homepages will be added in future updates. Every future update will include at least one new homepage along with other improvements, fixes and added features.

            45+ Flexible UI Components

            DRY approach, modular design are the cornerstones of the modern web development. CreateX introduces 40+ components and each has 2 - 10 variations. They can be mixed together to produce more complex components. This gives you unlimited possibilities.

            3 Modules: Portfolio, Blog, Shop

            Most modern websites require News (Blog) section to engage with their visitors. Other would need E-commerce functionality because they want to sell products via the website. Yet another want to showcase their works. With CreateX you have them covered.

            9+ User Account Pages

            Most online shops require users to create account to be able to manage their orders, edit shipping adresses, earn reward points etc. CreateX includes all crucial page templates to ensure your online shop will provide as smooth and engaging user experience as possible.

            16 Hand-crafted Secondary Pages

            The pages like About Us, Services, Pricing are one of the most important pages on the website. It is an opportunity where website visitors get to know the company, learn about services and pricing. CreateX also includes sepcialty pages like 404, search results, etc.

            7 Header Variations

            More options is better. Especially when it comes to such important website element as main navigation. CreateX includes 7 variants of header layout and appearance. Choose the right one for your project. More variants will come in future updates.

            ...and much more

            Explore CreateX HomepagesExplore the collection of carefully built landing pages

            ... More pages coming

            See Also Other PagesExplore the collection of carefully built landing pages

            And some Cool Features

            Kick-start your development
            Start your development process fast and easy with Node.js and Gulp setup. Configuration files are included in download package. Full tasks automation.
            Easy To Customize With Sass
            CreateX is built using Sass. Easily change colors, typography and much more. It is the most mature, stable, and powerful CSS extension language in the world.
            Pug - Node Templating Engine
            No need to write huge amount of HTML, if you don’t want to. Pug provides features not available in plain HTML like variables, includes, mixins, etc.
            Built With Bootstrap 4
            CreateX is the ultimate website front-end solution based on Bootstrap 4 - the world's most popular responsive, mobile-first front-end component library.
            45+ Flexible Components
            Besides styling all default Bootstrap 4 components CreateX introduces lots of new flexible, customizable and reusable elements to use across the website.
            Mobile Friendly Interface
            It's not a surprise that nowadays over 60% of users shop online using their mobile devices. CreateX is 100% responsive and optimized for small touch screens.
            Mobile Friendly Interface
            It's not a surprise that nowadays over 60% of users shop online using their mobile devices. CreateX is 100% responsive and optimized for touch screens.
            fWBxDkf Fonts
            CreateX uses AATTzjRO fonts which are free, fast to load and of very high quality. Currently eLsZv fonts library includes 870+ font families to choose from.
            Touch-enabled Sliders
            In the era of touch screens it's important to ensure great user experience on handheld devices, especially when it comes to such importnat interface component as slider.
            Vector Based HD Ready Icons
            CreateX uses font-based icon packs to ensure that infographics and interface icons look sharp on any device with any screen resolution and pixel density.
            Customizable UeLZPEbL Maps
            Thanks to Gmap3 plugin and Snazzy Maps collection of custom map styles you can create unique map design that fits perfectly overall look of your website.
            W3C Valid HTML Code
            All HTML files are checked via W3C validator to ensure 100% valid code. As you probably know invalid HTML limits innovation, but CreateX is innovative at its core.